Transformers Movie Studio Series Figure Voyager Class - Starscream (Sub Pgk)

Deep Desert Brawl AllSpark Power Leader Movie Transformers

Youngtoys MONKART Lancelot Beatroid Transformer Robot Toy

Transformers Henkei Generations Classics united SunstreakerTransformers Dotm LUNAR CRAWLER Cyberverse Legends Dark of The Moon Ratchet

Transformers Generations SKYWARP Complete 30th Anniversary DeluxeTransformers Titans Return SDCC Voyager Class Sentinel Prime Complete2006 KONAMI Busou Shinki MMS TYPE RABBIT WAFFEBUNNY ACTION FIGURE ACCESSORY SETTRANSFORMERS G2 SIZZLE SPARKABOT LOOSE & MINT EUROPEAN Version TAKARA HASBRO

Thus, we have changed to become the Advocates for Inclusion in Medicine and Science (AIMS).  Our new website is Transformers Movie Ultimate Bumblebee Complete Leader Class.

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Transformers Movie DREADWING Complete Deluxe 2007

Transformers Action Figure deluxe class Animated Decepticon Sounwave 2008 New

Thank you to all of our students who participated in our panel discussion for undergraduates about MD/PhD programs are, the application process, and the types of research and clinical experiences our students have had prior to applying to these programs.

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Microaggressions and Harassment Panel

Transformers Universe Generations Classics MEGATRON Figure VERY RARETransformers G1 1984 SOUNDWAVE COMPLETE WEAPON SET (5 Pieces) -- WEAPONS ONLY

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Transformers Springer - Autobot Heroes Voyager Generations COMPLETE NEW LOOSE

Microaggressions and Harassment Panel, Spring 2018

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All Members’ Meeting

Transformers Combiner Wars 10 Card Generations Lot Cyclonus Onslaught MegatronRobot, remote control robot from DODOELEPHANTTransformers Incomplete AS IS Action Figures LOT of 15 for Parts or Repair READ: Transformers Generations Acid Storm MOSC Legends 30th Anniversary.  The due date is Friday, January 12.

Vintage 1980s Hasbro Bandai Transformers G1 Gobot Action Figure Lot
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Fall 2017 Mentor Social

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VTech Switch & Go Dinos Voice Command JAGGER T-Rex Dinosaur Rare Toy

Fall 2017 Mentor Social

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Article Discussion

Transformers Grapple Grip Mudflap Revenge Of The FallenTransformers takara POTP PP-16 moonracer MOSC5 Transformers Titanium Diecast Figures Optimus Prime Bumblebee

  1. Analysis of NIH R01 Application Critiques
  2. Transformers Real Gear Robots Meantime Decepticon NEW
  3. Transformers LG58 clone bot set
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McFarlane MLB 6 SET SURPRISE Clemens, Rodriguez VARIANT COMPLETE ralupx3274-Sports

Cantor’s Dilemma Book Club

Mr. Potato Head Transformers Edition Optimash Prime

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Translational Research Dinner

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a conversation with UNC researchers in translational medicine on Tuesday, April 18th from 7-9pm at the home of Dr. Savoldo. Dr. Barbara Savoldo, Dr. Matthew Laughon, and Dr. Michael O’Shea will provide insights into their career paths in conducting clinical trials in pediatric oncology and neonatology.

Translational Research Dinner

Transformers Generations Platinum Edition Collection - 2 x Sets Brand New Sealed

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Takara Transformers DOTM CV20 Battle steel OptimusPrime Hasbro Guzzle Powerglide

SDCC 2018 Hasbro EXCLUSIVE TRANSFORMERS THRONE OF THE PRIMES, On HandTransformers TFC toy P-006 P-06 Poseidon Thousandkills Tentakil UKTransformer Transformer Foma Gyarakushi Foz Gc-11 Fast AidNEW Transformers Unicron Mint in Sealed Box (Excellent condition)

Transformers Masterpiece MP-32 Convoy Beast Wars Optimus Primal ANIME Toon Reiss

img_0776TRANSFORMER The Legendary Defender VOLTRON Talking Action Figure DreamWorks NIB

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Mentor Social

Marvel Credver Trans Formers Venom

DYNAMIC PLANNING KōTETSU JEEG ROBOT OF STEEL MAGNETIC + PANTHEROID ANTARES Transformers Beast Hunters DARKSTEEL Complete Prime VoyagerTransformers Hasbro & 3rd Party Masterpiece Select Your Figure(s) Free ShippingRARE VINTAGE BATTLE BEASTS HARE RAZING RABBIT SPANISH VARIANT FIGURE TAKARA 1986ToyWorld - Conehead - TW-M02A Combustor - Jets Masterpiece Scaled US shipping


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